Forms & Procedures

The following forms contain information and procedures about the subject heading and the application form if required.

Moving Instructions

Residents moving furniture or large items into or out of the building must first book with building management at least 5 business days prior to the move to ensure the lift is available, co-ordinate your move with other residents and ensure the lift protection is installed. A moving deposit of $150 must be paid prior to the move – this will be refunded once we confirm no damage was done during the move. Booking priority will be given on a first-in basis. Residents are currently permitted to move-in to the building 6 days per week (except public holidays), 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. Download the Moving Instructions

Moves can be booked through the resident portal here – Buildinglink.

To obtain your resident login, please contact Building Management.


The building’s by-laws outline the rules of the building such as noise, renovations and tidiness, etc. You can download the building’s by-laws here or via the library in Buildinglink.

Renovation Application Form

The majority of renovations require approval from the Strata Committee prior to the commencement of works. Download the Renovations Application Form

Additional Swipe (Fob) Request Form

To obtain an additional access card (fob) or if you require a replacement card please down load the form and return to building management. Download the Additional Swipe Request Form

Pet Application Form

Residents who wish to keep pets at the building should read and complete the Pet Application Form. Download Pet Application Form

Resident Registration